Hofmann station is a company focused on real estate development in the Northeast and with arms in reef and in Colombia. It is a company that seeks to be a station of possibilities within the real estate business, focusing on architecture, design and business.

The visual identity of the Hofmann Station was built around the concept of station possibilities, with simple graphic components but each of the elements finding their function to reprimand the concept. detecting and responding to their environment and always generating a new possibility.

To accompany the logo, a set of visual tools of patterns, lines, paths and shapes has been developed, along with a variation of the typography itself, letter shapes that move and respond to possibilities.

Graphic Design / Art Director

I worked for traditional agencies and digital stores like FutureBrand São Paulo, Tatil São Paulo, FCB BRASIL, AKQA São Paulo and BETC São Paulo Currently JWT Brazil At that time.

São Paulo.