Hi, my name is micael, I'm another poor young man from a city called Santa Rita, in the state of Paraíba. Like many Brazilians, I come from a social and financial context where university and school are not part of the opportunities.

And that defines who I am, how I am and how I think, and I need to be the best every day, my best and deliver the best work, I depend on that to live. After dropping out of elementary school, years later I started studying theology to fulfill my dream of being a pastor at that time and that changed my life. Years later, I realized that I no longer wanted to be and I looked for new paths. Trying to summarize what I think about aesthetics, I believe that I should always try to build something unique, and that makes sense with the message I want to convey, and this message now is not just about my work as an art director or designer, but as a person, as a human being who, in the midst of all the chaos of life, is having opportunities and who believes that he can not only improve his own life, but help others.
With the help of some friends, I entered the world of graphic design in my hometown in a self-taught way because studying was not part of the plans, the bills needed to be paid and in a short time that I started working and studying after all my first job was the beginning of my training , in less than 1 year i traveled to São Paulo for my first job in a big agency and since then you find the rest of the story in the form of designer, art direction and aesthetics in the works below.
Work Experience
I have worked for traditional agencies and digital shops such as FutureBrand São Paulo, Tátil São Paulo, FCB BRASIL and BETC São Paulo, Wunderman Thompson São Paulo.

AKQA São Paulo, LeoBurnett São Paulo, CP+B Brasil, Cubo.cx NY, HNK Lab,  MESA, Africa DDB.
At the time.

I created campaigns for clients like SKY, SKOL, AMBEV, NIVEA, GOOGLE, NETFLIX and PEUGEOT, COCA-COLA, WARNER BROS