I’m a Brazilian designer
and art director. 
based in São Paulo.

Art Direction

  1. Citroën Scarves

  2. 50s Stone Wall

  3. Winners Pro-Sangue

  4. Unknowns Biographies

  5. Hering C.Co-Status

  6. Table For Change

  7. Summer Dzarm

  8. Campus Festival

  9. Masp

Graphic Design

  1. Skol Hops Packaging

  2. Move Festival

  3. Padre Bruno Linden

  4. Hofmann Station

  5. Fabio Manson

  6. Sinqia

  7. Folks

Experimental work

  1. Posters

I worked for traditional agencies and digital stores like FutureBrand Sao Paulo, Tactile Sao Paulo, FCB BRASIL, AKQA Sao Paulo and BETC Sao Paulo Currently JWT Brazil.

At that time.


1. Citroën - Scarves

BR / 2019
Agency: BETC-SP


2019 is the Citroën’s hundred years anniversary.
100 years of avant-garde. Trends. Style.
Actually, it has never been just a car brand. It has been a fashion brand. So, we've gathered those 100 years into a collection so iconic as their cars.

Citroën Scarves.

A collection of scarves inspired by the Citroën’s historical cars. Each scarf brings the car and the brand’s history in it.

In addition to directing art, I worked on the motion and the film's editing.

Citroën SCarves
44º Anuário do Clube - Graphic DESIGN